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New Life for Children is an organization active in eight high-risk countries with high social marginalization.

New Life for Children’s main goal is to improve child quality of life in an immediate and long-lasting manner, by supporting the educational process of each child in need. Our projects are aimed at tackling child poverty; they include interventions in the following fields:

  • Healthcare, by building mobile clinics, paying for specialist visits, financially supporting doctors and nurses and purchasing medicines;
  • Nutrition, by distributing complete meals, snacks and powdered milk every day, building drinking water tanks and delivering high calorie meals to undernourished children;
  • School, by delivering educational kits and materials, offering after-school services, computer training, sports and recreational activities and financially supporting teachers;
  • Education, by offering training programs to teachers, university professors, educators and social workers, professionally following the local coordinators growth, and organizing professional training courses for the teenagers and adults involved in the projects.

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