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In Syria, violence is now everywhere, and it reaches homes, schools, hospitals, clinics, playgrounds and places of worship. Almost 5 million people had to leave their home and flee the Country: the largest refugee population in a single conflict within a generation. Half of them are children who had to give up school and grow up fast. Thousands of these children have been refugees since their birth.

Our project is based in Kilis, a Turkish city 5 km away from the Syrian border, which houses 130 thousand Syrian refugees, of which only 10% was welcomed in refugee camps and 53% are children and kids of schooling age.

The refugees in this area belong to the weakest sector of the population: adults that worked lower-wage jobs in Syria, often illiterate, who won't allow their children to study, because they would rather make them work to ensure the family's subsidence.

Project history

New Life is present in the Turkish territory since January 2016.


Ensuring Syrian child refugees in Kilis full access to education and learning of the Turkish language and culture, to promote their integration in Turkey, while preserving their identity.

Offering - through artistic, recreational and sports activities - a multi-cultural social network that allows them to develop a sense of belonging to the new territory.

Supplying to Syrian children in Kilis a refugee centre - Bayt al Amal - and a space for personal and cultural development and protection of their rights.

Training teachers and educators on the latest teaching techniques, ideas and tools, adapted to a complex context such as Kilis.


Educational aspects: 

  • Organizing informal educational activities (courses in: Arabic, Turkish, general culture, computer science, English, Civics and religion)
  • Organizing an after school program for elementary and lower secondary school children
  • Organizing adult education courses (courses in: Arabic, Turkish, computer science, English, Civics and religion) and training sessions on health, rights and day-to-day life for teenagers and Syrian women
  • Distribution of educational material

Social aspects: 

  • Organizing social and recreational activities (Arab calligraphy, art, storytelling/writing, music, theatre)
  • Organizing sports activities 
  • Organizing events for the families (field trips, plays, concerts, movie screenings and exhibitions)

Service aspects: 

  • Offering administrative and legal support to refugee families
  • Psychological and social support for groups of women
  • Setting up an informative room with Internet access

Training aspects: 

  • Teaching training and updating seminars, following the "Pedagogia per il Terzo Millennio" method


Result no.1

Living conditions and development of Syrian child and teenage refugees have improved through a wide range educational program.

Result no.2

Social cohesion in the Syrian community has been improved through recreational, artistic and sports activities.

Result no.3

The level of integration of Syrian families in the Turkish society is improving thanks to the services and activities offered by the Bayt al Amal centre.

Result no.4

Improved effectiveness of the educational program put in place by the teachers, by updating and learning new teaching knowledge and educational methods.

Project no.1 (concluded)

Title: Bayt Al Amal Nation: Turkey - Turkish-Syrian border

Locality: Kilis

Area of intervention: 

  • Educational support;
  • Training;
  • Financial support to teachers;
  • Structural support;

Direct recipients: 550 Syrian boys and girls of schooling age who benefit from educational, social and sports activities; 35 Syrian refugee women; 20 educators (teachers and school staff for Syrian refugees) who benefit from training activities;

Local partner: Amal For Education

Local representative: Isabella Chiari

Duration: January 2016 - December 2018