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Nepal is affected by a very high poverty rate, with one fourth of the population below the national subsistence level. Healthcare is insufficient: the difficult geography of the Country has always limited their availability, especially in rural areas.

The status of women is particularly sensitive, in a rigidly patriarchal society: their inferior status since birth hinders female education, compelling them to a condition of social and financial inferiority that renews itself from generation to generation. Often, women have to deal with the - public and domestic - violence that rages in the Country: the abuses they have to endure include polygamy, dowry-related homicides and abuse by family members.
Our project in this Country is aimed at supporting the children of women victims of gender-based violence, by ensuring them access to education, healthcare and nutritional support.

Project history

In January 2016, New Life for Children started the "Tutori di Resilienza Nepal" project, aimed at training teachers and social workers on the latest educational techniques, to help them follow their students - traumatized by the earthquake - in an emphatic way. The project ended in January 2017.

Given the excellent results obtained in the Nepalese territory, we decided to promote another project - "Safer Schools" - by starting the construction of a school building in June 2017 and officially delivering it to local authorities in June 2018.

After the "Safer Schools" project ended, in January 2019, New Life for Children started the "Una mano per il Nepal" project, in partnership with the Apeiron Onlus.


Developing education and learning conditions for children victims of witnessing violence and their mothers, who survived gender-based violence.

Supporting women - victims of gender-based violence - in raising their children, through nutritional and healthcare interventions.

Training educators, CasaNepal operators and local teachers on the latest teaching techniques and tools.


Educational aspects:

  • Funding school fees, educational materials and uniforms for 25 children every year

Healthcare aspects:

  • Basic healthcare focused on prevention treatments (typhus, diphtheria, Japanese encephalitis, dysentery, infections, etc.) through 2 annual medical visits for all recipient children
  • Purchasing and supplying basic medicines

Nutritional aspects:

  • Monitoring the children at risk for malnutrition

Training aspects:

  • Organizing a cycle of training and updating seminars, to train the teachers on the latest teaching and educational


Result no.1

The project recipients completed the related study cycle, improving their living conditions and personal development.

Result no.2

The recipients' health improved, by implementing a preventive healthcare program and supplying suitable quantities of medicines.

Result no.3

Malnourishment among the recipients of our project was reduced by supplying food supplies and monthly support.

Result no.4

Educators, CasaNepal operators and teachers improved the effectiveness of their educational program, by updating and improving their knowledge and teaching practices.

Project no.1 (concluded)

Title: Tutori di Resilienza Nepal

Nation: Nepal

Region: Bagmati

Locality: Katmandu

Area of intervention: Training

Direct recipients: 25 CasaNepal social workers and operators

Local partner: APEIRON Onlus

Local representative: Barbara Monachesi

Duration: April 2016 - June 2016

Project no.2 (concluded)

Title: Safer Schools

Nation: Nepal

Region: Dhading

Locality: Jharlang

Area of intervention:

  • Construction of a school building;
  • Training;

Direct recipients: 80 students of the Jharlang primary school and 25 school teachers and educators

Local partner: APEIRON Onlus

Local representative: Barbara Monachesi

Duration: June 2017 - June 2018

Project no.3 (active)

Title: Una mano per il Nepal

Nation: Nepal

Region: Katmandu

Locality: Katmandu and surrounding areas

Area of intervention:

  • Education - Active;
  • Healthcare - Active;
  • Nutritional Support - Active;
  • Training - Active;

Direct recipients: 75 children who witnessed abuse e 35 educators

Local partner: APEIRON Onlus

Local representative: Barbara Monachesi

Local coordinator: Poonam Gurung

Duration: January 2019 - Today