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Kenya is ranked in 142nd place in the Human Development Index (UNDP 2019), a ranking that monitors access to education, income per family and life expectancy. The suburbs of Nairobi are particularly troubled, known for a lack of hygiene, the absence of health services, very serious housing conditions and the presence of alarming crime levels and drug addiction rates, especially among the youngest part of the population. In the slums of Kibera and Dagoretti, many young people drop out of school and fall into criminal activity, prostitution and child exploitation.

History of the project

New Life for Children started the project in 2019.


To ensure quality education for minors living in conditions of extreme vulnerability in the slums of Dagoretti and Kibera (Nairobi), in order to combat school dropouts and improve the psychophysical conditions of minors.


Educational component:

• Development of educational workshops involving students to support learning
• Distribution of 368 teaching kits
Supply of books to the libraries of the Stephen Preparatory, Havard Preparatory and St. Michael Nursery schools
Supply of sports equipment (balls, ropes, volleyball nets, etc.) for each school involved in the project

Healthcare component:

Basic health care focused on prevention and treatment based on at least one annual medical examination for all 368 beneficiary pupils
• Purchase and supply of basic medicines

Food component:

Monitoring activities concerning children at risk of malnutrition
• Provision of 1 complete meal per day to each child aged 2-5 at the Stephen Preparatory, Havard Preparatory and St. Michael Nursery schools

Educational component:

• Provision of a training seminar for 46 teachers and school operators
• Integration of new teaching methods into the annual training programme

Infrastructure component:

• Supply of 150 study stations (bench + chair) for each school involved in the project


Result no.1

Enhancement of the educational services for the local schools in the Dagoretti and Kibera slums through the provision of pedagogical training for teachers and the supply of school equipment.

Result no.2

Increased school attendance and the academic performance of students in the slums of Dagoretti and Kibera based on new learning methods and access to primary care services for the most vulnerable students.

Project no.1 (in progress)

Title: Schools in the world - Kenya

Country: Kenya

Region: Nairobi

Location: Nairobi (Dagoretti and Kibera slums)

Areas of intervention

  • Support for attending school;
  • Nutrition assistance;
  • Health care;
  • School redevelopment;
  • Education;

Direct beneficiaries: 368 school-aged children (2-10 years of age), annually; 46 teachers and school operators

Local Partner: Somirenec - Social Ministry Research Network Centre

Local manager: Mary Wairia

Duration: December 2019 - November 2020