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On 26 December 2004, Banda Aceh, capital of the Aceh Indonesian province, was devastated by a tsunami. The combination of a tsunami and an earthquake of unbridled force has deeply affected the territory: suburbs populated by thousands of shacks, tents and mobile shelters, non-existent healthcare services, and barely sufficient food and water supplies.

Aceh cultural and territorial insulation from the rest of Indonesia further worsened the situation. In Aceh, going to school is not easy: most families would rather have their children work than go to school.

Our project at the Budi Dharma School involved educational aspects, carried out through qualified local teachers, and nutritional aspects, by supplying daily meals. Our commitment in this school was essential, because the families were able to use their savings to invest in micro-economy projects and send their children to school at the same time.

Project history

New Life for Children started the project in 2008. The project ended In December of 2014.


Supporting the literacy and base schooling process of the entire Budi Dharma School.

Tackling children school drop-off in the Banda Aceh community.

Teaching update and training seminars to improve the teaching skills of local teachers.

Implementation of the e-learning program for the teachers attending the seminars.


Educational aspects:

  • Cutting-edge literacy and schooling activities 
  • 180 scholarships to financially support the families of the students at the Budi Dharma School
  • Activation of an after school program with recreational and educational activities for children and teenagers
  • Financial support to all the teachers

Healthcare aspects:

  • Periodical healthcare screening for the project students

Nutritional aspects:

  • Monitoring the children at risk for malnutrition
  • Supply of 1 complete meal every day to all students, for the entire duration of the school year

Training aspects:

  • Organization of a cycle of training and updating seminars, to train the teachers on the latest teaching and educational practices
  • Supplying educational materials to anyone attending the teaching seminar
  • Providing teaching content on Fondazione Patrizio Paolettis e-learning platform


Result no.1

Improved life and personal growth conditions of 180 recipient children, by adapting and enhancing the local educational offer.

Result no.2

Improved health of the students attending the Budi Dharma School, by implementing a healthcare screening program.

Result no.3

Reduced malnourishment in the students attending the Budi Dharma School, by providing meals in the school cafeteria, especially to underweight children.

Result no.4

Increased effectiveness of the educational program offered by the teachers, by updating and improving their knowledge and teaching practices.

Project no.1 (concluded)

Title: Scuole nel Mondo - Indonesia

Nation: Indonesia

Region: Aceh

Locality: Banda Aceh

Area of intervention:

  • Scholarships;
  • Financial support to teachers;
  • Nutritional support;
  • Healthcare;
  • School building redevelopment;
  • Training;

Direct recipients: 180 children and teenagers every year

Local partner: Sekolah Katolik "Budi Dharma"

Local representative: Father Ferdinando Severi

Duration: November 2008 - December 2014