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The second most populous Country in the world, India has a very high illiteracy rate (only 69.3% of adults can read and write) and dramatic school dropout rates between primary and secondary school: the students coming from the poorest families endure the burdens of their economic and social condition, without possibility to attend secondary education and college.

Their lack of education prevents them from aiming for qualified jobs, condemning them to being exploited.

New Life for Children's project is based in the Ernakulam district, in the Kerala state, and its goal is to offer a good level of education to students belonging to the most socially excluded groups. The interventions involve 325 kids between 16 and 20 years of age who attend the upper secondary school at the Chris Cappell Carmelite Boarding School.

Project history

In 2010, New Life for Children activated a project to build a healthcare centre in Dhupguri, West Bengal. The project ended in 2011.

In 2013, New Life for Children activated a project to improve the education conditions for kids belonging to the most deprived social backgrounds in Kerala, which is still under way.


Improving the level of education of the recipients, by promoting the completion of the secondary education cycle.

Promoting social cohesion between students coming from different cultural backgrounds.

Offering to the students the tools needed to solve their issues and improve their confidence.

Training teachers and educators on the most recent teaching methods.

Extending and improving the school building with targeted structural interventions.


Educational aspects:

  • Pre-degree course in Business Techniques
  • Pre-degree course in Computer Science
  • Pre-degree course in Human Science 
  • Professional course in Accounting
  • Three-year degree course in Business Techniques
  • 5 events to support the students' parents

Social aspects:

  • Annual publishing of a school paper
  • Organization of daily sports activities 
  • Organization of an event dedicated to learning, getting to know and appreciating cultural differences

Counselling & Motivational aspects:

  • Counselling sessions for students belonging to the most degraded backgrounds, who have to deal with family, alcoholism and drug issues 
  • Organization of 10 motivational and awareness-raising events (drug abuse, road safety, environmental protection, health and hygiene, professional orientation, study methods)

Training aspects: 

  • Organization of a cycle of training and updating seminars, to train the teachers on the latest teaching and educational
  • Supplying educational materials to anyone attending the teaching seminar

Infrastructural aspects:

  • Expanding the school cafeteria
  • Purchasing 3 new laptops


Result no.1

The study program offered improved the academic results of over 300 teenagers, inspiring them to pursue their education and improve their quality of life.

Result no.2

Through recreational, artistic and sports activities, the social cohesion between the different groups at school has significantly improved.

Result no.3

Counselling and tutoring sessions have helped struggling students, by strengthening their confidence and solving their issues (drugs, alcohol, family, etc.).

Result no.4

Updating seminars on teaching techniques for teachers improved the effectiveness of their educational program.

Result no.5

Redeveloping the school building by adding new classrooms significantly improved the teachers' work.

Project no.1 (concluded)

Title: Una clinica sanitaria per i bambini del centro di Saint Paul (A health clinic for the children of Saint Paul centre

Nation: India

Region: Jalpaiguri (West Bengal)

Locality: Dhupguri

Area of intervention:

  • Healthcare;
  • School building redevelopment;
  • Training;

Direct recipients: 600 students belonging to the Saint Paul schools and boarding school

Local Partner: Saint Theresa Provincial Delegation of the Carmelite Order

Local representative: Father Marcel A. Fernandez

Duration: October 2010 - October 2011

Project no.2 (active)

Title: Scuole nel Mondo - India

Nation: India

Region: Kerala

Locality: Ernakulam

Area of intervention:

  • Financial support to teachers;
  • Counselling;
  • Training;
  • School building redevelopment;

Direct recipients: 325 students between 16 and 20 years of age and 55 teachers and school educators

Local partner: Saint Theresa and Saint Albert General Delegation of the Carmelite Order

Local representative: Jacob Roby Chakkalaparambil

Duration: January 2013 - Today