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Sure. You can see the Certificate of Incorporation and the By-Laws in this section. The Financial Statements are published in this section. The Legal Personality is published in this section.

2. How can I make a donation to New Life for Children?

You can support one of our projects via wire transfer, postal order, online credit card or Paypal.

We’d like to remind you that only your Ongoing Support would allow us to plan our interventions in the most difficult areas in the world in the best way possible.

Here are the references:


- WIRE TRANSFER: Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna, Iban IT60Y0538703203000001828710 made out to New Life for Children Onlus

- POSTAL ORDER: no.95063657 made out to New Life for Children Onlus


3. I received a call for aid from New Life for Children, although I recently made a donation. How come? Did you not receive my donation?

The technical times required - and sometimes postal delays - prevent us from recording the donations made by our supporters in real time. New Life for Children thanks you for your support, and asks you to consider the further call for aid received only if you can and want to make it.

4. What are the tax benefits I can enjoy on my donations?

New Life for Children is a non-profit organization, therefore donations can be deducted: up to € 2,065.83, or 2% of the company revenue declared (Article 100, par. 2 of D.P.R. 917/86);
up to 10% of the total revenue stated, for a total amount of €70,000 (Article 14, par. 1, of L.D. 35/2005, converted into Law no. 80 of 14 May 2005).
Tax benefits may not be combined.
For further info, call the Supporters Service at +39 06 93563790 or write to info@newlifeforchildren.org.

5. I receive too many emails from New Life for Children: what can I do about it?

The emails you receive are an essential awareness-raising tool to be informed on the activities of our Association. However, if you wish to receive less informative material, call the Supporter Service at +39 06 93563790 or write to info@newlifeforchildren.org.

6. What does Ongoing Support mean?

“Ongoing Support” means helping a project long term, ensuring positive and long-lasting results in the lives of thousands of children.

7. How can I activate an Ongoing Support?

Just fill out the online form or request the paper form to the Supporters Service, at +39 06 935 637 90 or by writing to info@newlifeforchildren.org.

8. How much does activating an Ongoing Support cost?

The support can be on a monthly basis (minimum 18 Euro) or on an yearly basis (suggested contribution: €216.00). Thanks to your support, we can ensure school, medicines and food to the children in our projects.

9. How many updates will I receive?

In a sustainable view, New Life tries to limit managing commitments to a minimum. The Association will send a minimum number of communication: a biography sheet and the picture of the child symbol of the project you are supporting, a data sheet on the Country and on the related project. Then, you will receive an update on the child every year and our newsletters.

10. Can I receive some informative material on New Life for Children?

Sure, we can send you the annual report on our activities. To request it, call +39 06.93563790 or send an email to info@newlifeforchildren.org.
To get to know in detail all the activities and the work of New Life for Children, you can also consult the related areas of the "What we do" section on our website.

11. My address is changed. How can I notify you?

Contact us at +39 06 93563790, or write us at info@newlifeforchildren.org.
To change your address in our database, we need to know also your old address.

12. Can I donate an Ongoing Support to a friend and take care of the payment?

Sure. In the adhesion module, you can indicate the name of the person who will receive our communications, and also the name of the owner of the Bank Current Account.

13. How long should I continue to support a project?

Your support can be revoked at any time, but we hope that it lasts for at least three years, to ensure a minimum school attendance to our children and a sufficient healthcare support.

14. Instead of a cash donation, can I send clothes, food or toys?

Sending any type of goods in the Countries we work in is very expensive, often times more expensive than the goods themselves. In addition, we prefer to buy the items locally, to improve their economy.

15. Can I visit the projects?

There are no international volunteering programs available at the time. They could be activated in the future.

16. Why do payment methods include direct debit (SEPA) and credit cards?

Direct debit or credit cards allows us to save on administration costs, therefore allocating more resources to the project.

17. How can I notify any changes in my address, donation amount or payment method?

You can notify any changes via email, phone or letter addressed to the contacts listed on our website. Remember to include the supporter’s complete personal data in any communication. For instance, to change your address in our database, we need to know also your old address.

18. What is 5xMille?

The 2008 Financial Law confirmed the possibility of allocating a percentage (5xMille) of the personal income tax to support volunteering and associations of social interest. 5xMille does not replace the 8xMille, which is still valid.

19. Who can donate with the 5xMille?

Anyone lodging an income tax return can allocate 5xMille of their taxes to a specific non-profit organization.

20. Can I donate my 5xMille to you, even if I don't lodge an income tax return?

For those who are not bound to lodge an income tax return, it will be sufficient to deliver the 5xMille integrative sheet contained in the CUD model (W2) in a sealed envelope to a bank or post office - at no cost for the tax payer - with the writing “Scelta per la destinazione del 5xMille dell’IRPEF”, and indicate the tax payer’s first and last name and tax code.

21. Is 5xMille free?

The choice to allocate the 5xMille to a non-profit organization, such as New Life for Children, does not entail any further expenses. If you don’t choose anything, the 5xMille goes to the State.