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A future without poverty or violence

We are an internationally oriented Italian organization that has been active for 10 years in 3 continents. The goal of our projects is to tackle the cycle of child poverty by promoting a correct educational process.

New Life for Children has the following specific goals:

1. Significantly reducing child mortality;
2. Preventing and treating and form of child malnourishment;
3. Making drinkable water fully accessible;
4. Ensuring access to a quality education to all.

We choose to intervene in very complex contexts, where poverty, conflicts and violence have strongly affected the people and the territory.

We work alongside children living in conditions of extreme degradation and support al the local entities that cover an educational role.

In a spirit of cooperation, we actively support the weakest sectors of the population, truing to reduce child exploitation and illiteracy: we believe that education is a key factor to ensure a future free from poverty and violence to all children.

The children involved in our projects can benefit from improved hygienic and health conditions, nutritional and healthcare support, better school attendance and many other services necessary for their personal development and social growth.

We also require a full involvement of local population, so that they can follow the growth of their community and their Country in the best way possible.

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